Ready to move forward and take your business to the market? You’ve made the right call at Brightstar. Choosing a Business Broker is a smart move, choosing the RIGHT business broker will make all the difference in the process. What factors determine that choice are up to you. There are choices and at Brightstar we never forget that. It’s one of the many ways we separate ourselves from the others. Here are a few things to consider:

We are not a “Big Box” brokerage: We are selective in the businesses we represent as opposed to the “list them all” and hope the law of averages sells a few. Buyers trust our listings as vetted and true opportunities.

Our Focus: Your Business, You as an individual and the goal of selling your business is where 100% of our efforts and conversations will be. Our brokerage is the instrument of achieving that goal, you allow us the honor of serving. That’s our approach, without you we don’t exist.

A professional strategy to achieve your goals. Brightstar Delivers!


The first and most important step in preparing your business for the market.

The Confidential Information Packet

Professional and factual, the importance of this presentation to a potential buyer cannot be understated

The Right Stuff

The goal is to sell your business and that takes a knowledgable experienced broker with the right skill set

Keeping the sale of your business confidential while attracting qualified buyers is of upmost importance to our clients. We are the gate keepers!

We strive to deliver stellar client service at competitive rates. Speak with us to find out more about our flex rate programs.

Call us “Old School” in our views on “Client first” dedication and modern in our approach to brokering the sale of your business. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards to exceed your expectations.