Knowing how to value both the Business and the Real Estate under it is a Brightstar advantage to our clients. Most Commercial Real Estate agents are not qualified Business Brokers. The two need to have separate valuations to achieve maximum market value.  At Brightstar, you get the level of client first commitment we hold ourselves accountable to. Whether buying or selling commercial real estate with a Business, Brightstar is here to serve.

Selective but Effective

Brightstar’s reputation rests on three guiding principles we refuse to compromise. It’s not a case of not wanting to represent all, it’s a decision to focus our efforts on fewer clients allowing a better level of commitment and service to those clients.We understand “Pipelining”, we just choose a different path. Buyers recognize Brightstar listings as held to higher standards. It’s just the way we started our Brokerage, we strive to be different.

Want to find out more about our Commercial Real Estate Department and how Brightstar gets our clients to SOLD? We are at your service and enjoy speaking with potential clients because we are proud of our unique approach.

Knowing where and how to place your commercial property in a stand out way to potential buyers requires going the extra mile. At Brightstar Commercial we strive to exceed our clients expectations.